August 08, 2014

Welcome to Explore One!

Science is about seeking answers, revealing possibilities, employing critical thinking and discovering the inner workings of the world around us. At Explore One, it’s also about having a great time! 

From telescopes to stomp rocket kits to play tents, we offer adventurous products that feed the natural curiosity and keen imaginations of our children.

Our lines include:

• Captivating projects that will engage your child in creating toys that demonstrate principles of aerodynamics, forensics, kinetic energy and more.

• Telescopes, microscopes and binoculars that will reveal the mysteries of the world around and the skies above.

• Build-your-own toys that will push your child to reduce, reuse and reinvent when they turn ordinary recyclables into extraordinary vehicles that will roll, fly and soar.

• Play structures that are designed to ignite a child’s imagination and encourage adventure inside or under the stars

We are committed to proving that “fun” and “learning” are not mutually exclusive, and we feel certain we have something to satisfy every child’s inherent thirst for knowledge and adventure.

To us, this site is launching more than a toy line. It is launching the next generation of explorers and innovators! We encourage you to browse and see what adventures await.