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127th Global Star Party - "Exploring the Cosmic Tapestry" - Explore Alliance

127th Global Star Party - “Exploring the Cosmic Tapestry - Unveiling the Wonders of the Universe” 

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Our cosmic journey is a testament to human curiosity, innovation, and determination. From the moment that humans looked up to the sky to make sense of it to our modern spacefaring era, our understanding of the universe has grown exponentially. Each discovery by amateurs and professionals, encourage us to push the boundaries of our knowledge and open us up to synthesize our inner and outer space. As we continue our cosmic journey, one thing remains certain: we come to know ourselves better, and the universe, with all its mysteries and marvels, will forever inspire us. 

As we embark on our 127th Global Star Party, many of us have witnessed first-hand the qualities that make each of us explorers and discoverers in your own right- no matter if you have travelled the path of thousands before you or you were the first to take that path. Because for each of us, the first time we witness something in the universe, that relationship of yourself and that celestial treasure you have found is a unique relationship, and that in itself is deeply profound.

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Aired On: August 22nd, 2023

Scott W. Roberts

Scott W. Roberts

Explore Scientific


6:00 PM

23:00 UTC
David H. Levy

David H. Levy

Jarnac Observatory

"Commentary & Poetry"

6:05 PM 23:05 UTC
Karim Jaffer

Karim Jaffer

John Abbott College

"Setting the Stage"

6:15 PM 23:15 UTC
Astronomical League - John Goss

John Goss

Astronomical League

In the Footsteps of Galileo

6:25 PM 23:25 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Maxi Falieres

Maxi Falieres

Astrophotography to the Max

6:40 PM 23:40 UTC
The Vast Reaches - Jason Guenzel

Jason Guenzel

The Vast Reaches

Jason's Universe

6:55 PM 23:55 UTC
Space Artist - Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll

Space Artist

Painting the Cosmos

7:10 PM 00:10 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Vivian White - Night Sky Network

Vivian White

Night Sky Network

Eclipses and the Eclipse Ambassadors

7:25 PM 00:25 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador and 2023 NYAA Winner - León García

León García

2023 NYAA 1st Place Winner


7:40 PM 00:40 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Daniel Barth

Daniel Barth

How Do You KNOW?

My Journey Into the Cosmos

8:05 PM 01:05 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Nicolas Arias

Nicolas Arias

Dobsonian Astrophotography

With No Tracking

8:15 PM 01:15 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Marcelo Souza

Marcelo Souza

Astronomy Outreach in Brazil

8:30 PM 01:30 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Cesar Brollo

Cesar Brollo

Southern Sky Astronomy

8:45 PM 01:45 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Ron Brecher

Ron Brecher

Promises, Promises

9:00 PM 02:00 UTC

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