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136th Global Star Party - "The Size of the Universe"

136th Global Star Party - The Size of the Universe
Celebrating the Legacy of Bart J. Bok

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Simulcasted November 21st, 2023
Times are in Central Time and UTC
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Scott Roberts 

Scott Roberts

Explore Alliance

 Host of the 135th GSP

6:00 PM 00:00 UTC
David H. Levy

David H. Levy

Jarnac Observatory

"Commentary & Poetry"

6:05 PM 00:05 UTC
Bart J. Bok

Bart J. Bok

University of Arizona

"The Size of the Universe '57"

6:15 PM 00:15 UTC
Astronomy Magazine's David J. Eicher

David Eicher

Astronomy Magazine

"Pismis-Moreno 1"

6:45 PM 00:45 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Deepti Gautam

Deepti Gautam

Nepal Astronomical Society


7:00 PM 01:00 UTC
Don Knabb - The Astronomical League

Don Knabb

Astronomical League

The Pleiades

7:15 PM 01:15 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Robert Reeves

Robert Reeves

Postcards from the Moon

"A Walk in the Rain"

7:30 PM 01:30 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Maxi Falieres

Maxi Falieres

 Astrophotography to the Max

Focus on Jupiter 

7:45 PM 01:45 UTC
Ten Minute Break 8:00 PM 02:00 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Robert Fugate

Robert Fugate

Portable Deep Sky

Astrophotography Adventures

8:10 PM 02:10 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Marcelo Souza

Marcelo Souza

Louis Cruls Astronomy Club

Sky's Up Magazine

8:25 PM 02:25 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Daniel Higgins

Daniel Higgins

AstroWorld TV

"AstroPalooza II"

8:40 PM 02:40 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Adrian Bradley

Adrian Bradley

"Chasing Dark Skies"

8:55 PM 02:55 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Jon Schwartz

Jon Schwartz

Drawing Out the Universe

9:10 PM 03:10 UTC

Sky's Up Global Astronomy Magazine