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"Celestial Companions" - 139th Global Star Party - Explore Alliance

Celestial Companions: Teaming Up as Astronomical Explorers - 139TH GLOBAL STAR PARTY
David H. Levy Scott W. Roberts
Hosted By

David H. Levy & Scott W. Roberts

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December 19th, 2023
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Explore Alliance Ambassador - Pekka Hautala

Explore Alliance

Presents the 139th GSP

With a Special Hello From

Pekka Hautala

6:00 PM 00:00 UTC
Wendee Levy - Explore Alliance

David H. Levy

"Tribute to Wendee Levy"

6:15 PM 00:15 UTC
Astronomy Magazine's David J. Eicher

David Eicher

Astronomy Magazine

"Draco Dwarf Galaxy"

6:30 PM 00:30 UTC
Astronomical League - Don Knabb - Explore Alliance Ambassador

Don Knabb

Astronomical League

"Astronomy Outreach" 

6:55 PM 00:55 UTC
Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo - Pranvera Hyseni - Explore Alliance Ambassador

Pranvera Hyseni

Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo

"American Geophysical Union"


7:10 PM 01:10 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Robert Reeves

Robert Reeves

Post Cards from the Moon

"Lunar Companions"

7:25 PM 01:25 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Cesar Brollo

Cesar Brollo

Optica Saracco

"30 Years of Celestial Companions"

7:40 PM 01:40 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Marcelo Souza

Marcelo Souza

Louis Cruls Astronomy Club

Sky's Up Magazine

8:00 PM 02:00 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Adrian Bradley

Adrian Bradley

"Chasing Dark Skies"

8:35 PM 02:35 UTC



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