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Explore Alliance Ambassador - Don Knabb

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Don Knabb
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Don Knabb's earliest memories of the stars trace back to his days as a boy scout, gazing at Cassiopeia overhead and igniting a deep fascination with the night sky and astronomy.

A dedicated enthusiast, Don is an active member of four astronomy clubs in the Mid East Region of the Astronomical League. Notably, his principal affiliation is with the Chester County Astronomical Society (CCAS), which he joined in 2006. Within a year of becoming a member, he assumed the vital roles of Observing Chair, Treasurer, and Astronomical League Coordinator, solidifying his commitment to the organization. In addition to these roles, he later took on the position of Education Co-Chair.

In 2019, during the Green Bank Star Quest, Don learned of a pressing need within the Mid East Region of the Astronomical League (MERAL). The current chair faced health challenges and needed to step down. Following a conversation with John Goss on the Green Bank Observatory camping field, Don graciously offered to assume the chair responsibilities, facilitating a smooth transition for the incumbent chair's retirement. Within a year of taking on this role, he spearheaded the creation of a dedicated website and Facebook page for MERAL, enhancing the organization's online presence.

Don's passion for astronomy extends beyond organizational roles; he actively engages in outreach efforts. He teaches night school classes in beginner astronomy and participates in night sky observing events organized by his club in the Chester County, PA area.

In addition to his involvement with CCAS, Don is a valued member of three other prominent astronomy clubs within MERAL: the Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers (DVAA), the Delaware Astronomical Society, and the Chesmont Astronomical Society.

While Don primarily identifies as a visual observer, relishing the night sky through large, tripod-mounted binoculars, he also explores the celestial realm with reflectors, refractors, and a Questar telescope. Though he has dabbled in astrophotography, it remains a casual pursuit in his astronomical journey.



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