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Explore Alliance Ambassador - Kelly Ricks

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Kelly Ricks
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Over the course of her professional life, Kelly Ricks has been a trumpeter, visual artist, public librarian, and naturalist interpreter with the National Park Service and New Mexico State Parks.

While serving as both a ranger and volunteer in places like Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Bandelier, Chaco Canyon, and Capulin Volcano, she continues to introduce diverse audiences to the wonders on display within a pristine dark sky. These land and sky-scapes have also been a primary focus of her recent artistic work and highlight the need for ongoing stewardship of public land and dark skies.

Kelly’s art has been featured in the Santa Fe Community Gallery, the University of Arizona’s “Art of Planetary Science” exhibition, LIGO Magazine, NPS Astronomy Event posters, as well as Capulin Volcano National Monument’s Passport Stamp and Jr. Ranger Activity Book. 

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