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Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Daniel Higgins

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Daniel Higgins
Long Island, NY - USA


Daniel Higgins embarked on his celestial odyssey at the tender age of 7, captivated by the enchanting sight of Saturn through a 60mm Meade refractor, generously provided by his uncle. This pivotal moment sparked a lifelong passion for astronomy, propelling Daniel into a journey of exploration and discovery.

His initial foray into astrophotography began with a Minolta Maxxum, a 35mm film camera, leading to a series of frustrating experiences. Undeterred by the challenges, Daniel transitioned to a digital point-and-shoot camera, yet success remained elusive. The turning point in his photographic endeavors came with the introduction of DSLR cameras within the astronomy community, propelling Daniel to new heights in capturing the beauty of the cosmos.

In 2017, Daniel marked a significant milestone by acquiring his first cooled astrocam, the SBIG STF-8300m, initiating a trajectory that would lead him to the QHY 16200a and his current preferred tool, the QHY 268m. Throughout the years, Daniel's collection of telescopes evolved, boasting notable additions such as the Astro-Physics 130edf Gran Turismo and a Redcat 51. Providing the stable foundation for his astrophotography pursuits are the SkyWatcher EQ8-r and EQ6r-Pro mounts.

Equipped with Optolong filters, including LRGB and SHO 3nm, and leveraging the capabilities of the Eagle 4Pro from Primaluce Lab, loaded with NINA, PHD2, CCD Inspector, ASTAP, and Green Swamp Server, Daniel honed his skills to capture the mesmerizing beauty of distant celestial bodies.

In 2018, Daniel, alongside fellow astronomer Charlie Walsh, embarked on an exciting venture, launching an online show called "Cosmic Charlie and Declination Dan." This show, featuring guest speakers like Douglas Struble and TJ Connolly, evolved into the current online sensation known as AstroWorld TV in 2020. Aimed at assisting astrophotographers in navigating the intricacies of the hobby, the show expanded with the addition of Tim Conwell from Backyard Astro Imaging, leading to the coined phrase "An astrophotography collaboration from both sides of the pond."

The pinnacle of recognition came on May 13, 2022, when Daniel Higgins was honored as a Fellow in the Royal Astronomical Society, a testament to his unwavering dedication and significant contributions to the field. Eager to continue his photographic journey, Daniel invites enthusiasts to explore his celestial creations on his Astrobin page, promising a captivating glimpse into the wonders of the universe.


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