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Explore Alliance Ambassador - David Shuman

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David Shuman is a distinguished amateur astronomer, renowned for his multifaceted contributions to the field. As a longstanding active member and Executive Board member of the RASC Montreal Centre, David's passion for astronomy knows no bounds. With a background in graphic design, he seamlessly blends his artistic skills with his fervent interest in astronomy, emerging as an avid amateur astronomer and accomplished photographer/filmmaker.

David's illustrious career has been punctuated by remarkable experiences, ranging from obtaining NASA press credentials to photograph the Space Shuttle in 1994 to embarking on visits to esteemed observatories such as the Keck, Gemini, and Subaru telescopes in 2001. His deep-rooted fascination with spaceflight has led him to witness numerous unmanned launches from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, enriching his understanding of spaceflight and launch vehicles.

An innovative mind, David is also the co-creator of the Eclipse mini-documentary "Shadowchasers: The Great American Total Solar Eclipse" in 2017, a production that captivated audiences at the 2019 RASC AGM, The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, and the Rio Tinto Planetarium in Montreal. Furthermore, he has delivered numerous engaging public talks and presented captivating 3-D films at events such as the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) and gatherings in Southern California.

David Shuman's dedication to advancing astronomical knowledge and his creative prowess in capturing the wonders of the cosmos make him a true luminary in the field of astronomy.

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