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The moon can sometimes be seen in the daytime” is a cosmic revelation that John Jardine Goss first discovered through personal observations when he was six years old. It shook his young conception of the universe, launching his interest in astronomy and stargazing – a fascination he still holds today. 

Mr. Goss is a past president of the Astronomical League (2014-2018), the nation’s largest federation of astronomical societies with currently over 22,000 members. He has earned the title of Master Observer and has authored the Astronomical League observing guides, Exploring the Starry Realm, and Carpe Lunam. Mr. Goss has edited its Herschel 400 observing guide, and created its Take Your First Steps introductory guide to stargazing. Wanting to expand the AL presence on YouTube, he has produced the Our View from Earth series focused on finding fascinating wonders in the heavens.

With light pollution a growing, serious impediment for observing the night skies, John Goss developed the Astronomical League Dark Sky Advocate Observing Program. In 2018, he and his wife, Genevieve, received the Dark Sky Defenderdesignation from the International Dark Sky Association. 

Mr. Goss is a contributing writer for, and pens a bimonthly column, Skywatch, for Blue Ridge Country magazine. He also has contributed to Sky and Telescope magazine, the IDA Nightscape, the Astronomical League’s Reflector magazine, the annual Observer’s Handbook of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, and has been a long time astronomy columnist for the Roanoke Times.

John and his wife, Genevieve, reside near Fincastle, Virginia. They enjoy observing under the dark skies of Natural Bridge State Park, an IDA certified Dark Sky Park.

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