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Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Maximiliano (Maxi) Falieres

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Maximiliano (Maxi) Falieres

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Born in the city of Chivilcoy, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Maxi Falieres was interested in astronomy from a very young age. Inspired by his father's suggestion that he and his brother start watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos series, he was fascinated by seeing images of nebulae, and galaxies and planets. He went on to read books and watch television documentaries about space and astronomy every time that he got the chance.

Maxi developed a burning desire to capture images of the universe even as a boy. But it was not until the beginning of 2018 that he began to get even more into being an amateur astronomer and start with what he had: a smart phone that he had removed the tiny lens from its camera to expose the sensor that he mounted on his small reflector. He honed his skills and produced images that were of extraordinary quality with his modest setup.   


"I always say that knowledge is not one's own, but must be spread like a spark to those who wish to receive it and can continue on this beautiful journey that is Astronomy. There is always something new to discover and today we have the tools to be able to do it."

- Maxi Falieres

Now armed with better cameras and telescopes, Falieres shares his celestial images and his astronomical journey in his own community outreach events to the public and internationally through live streams on popular programs on social media. He feels that it's important to learn more about astrophotography and to pay back by sharing what he has learned with anyone who shows an interest. 

You will often find Maxi on the Global Star Party giving live presentations, and he volunteers at the Parque Cielos del Sur in Chivilcoy and at the Observatorio Cielos Albertinos.



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