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Explore Scientific *150mm 45° or 90° ED Binoculars with Case and Wide Field Waterproof Explore Scientific Eyepieces - BT-150 ED Super Giant Binoculars with 62 Degree LER Eyepieces



Explore Scientific Super Giant ED 150mm Binoculars

Among the most powerful and highest resolution refractive binoculars in the world, the Explore Scientific 150mm 45° or 90° ED Super Giant Binoculars represent a remarkable advancement in optical technology. These binoculars, with their colossal 150mm diameter lenses, deliver extraordinary power for breathtaking views. Their state-of-the-art EMD (Enhanced Multi-Layer Deposition) coatings ensures brilliant and razor-sharp images, allowing you to discern intricate details even from considerable distances.

The high-quality Extra Low Dispersion (ED) Glass FK-61 minimizes color aberrations and enhances contrast over standard crown and flint achromatic binoculars. These precision optics, along with the ability to achieve high magnification factors, results in exceptional resolution. 

Designed for outdoor use, these binoculars are both fogproof and weatherproof, ensuring they can withstand various conditions. However as with any precision optic, we recommend protecting the binoculars when not in use. 

With the Explore Scientific 150mm binoculars, you can explore extensive celestial objects, galaxies, and resolve larger star clusters into spectacular views of individual stars. Experienced astronomers know that the use of binoculars enhances the brightness and contrast of faint celestial objects, surpassing conventional telescopes with the same aperture because you are using both eyes.. By adding specialized narrow-band filters to observe deep sky objects, you can elevate your viewing experience and even create a captivating virtual 3D effect.

The binoculars come equipped with convenient features, including sliding dew-shields with a front-end cap, a user-friendly hand-grip handle with a sighting device, and a photo tripod adapter with a 3/8" threaded connection. Additionally, two wide-field Explore Scientific eyepieces provide approximately 28x magnification, other magnifications can be achieved by using optional eyepieces. 

Applications for the Explore Scientific 150mm 45° ED Binoculars:

  • Astronomy: The 45° viewing angle ensures comfortable observations, especially for objects at medium heights. For overhead observations, we recommend  the 90° viewing angle.
  • Viewing and Surveillance: Ideal for long-distance observations, such as targets, naval and military surveillance, police work, and whale watching.
  • Bird Watching and Wildlife Observation: These binoculars provide a comfortable view at medium altitudes above the horizon, enhancing your wildlife observation experiences.

These binoculars are optimized for low to medium power deep sky observing. However, they also excel in planetary observation. Explore Scientific guarantees excellent image results up to 100x magnification with these binoculars, though may be used with higher magnification levels.

The giant binocular are fogproof and Argon-filled for superior protection against the elements.

Package Includes:

  • 150mm Super-Giant ED binoculars with a handle and tripod adapter.
  • 4 dust caps.
  • Set of Explore Scientific waterproof wide-field precision eyepieces (approximately 28x magnification).
  • Instructions.
  • Sturdy case with custom-fitted foam for secure storage and transportation.

Products Specifications


Individual Eyepiece Focus

Photo tripod thread

1/4”-20 and 3/8"


Magnesium Alloy Chassis


EMD (Enhanced Multi-Layer Deposition) coating on all optical surfaces

Dew shields


Objective angle of view

Variable depending on eyepieces used

Gas Filled

Yes, Argon filled

Number of lenses

2-element ED using FK61

Front lens diameter


Focal length



Length 31,65 inch ( 804 mm ) x width 14,61 inch ( 371 mm ) (dew cap) x height 7,76 inch ( 197 mm )


18,7 Kg (41.14 lbs) without eyepieces and without case


Binocular with eyepieces and case 35Kg (77lbs)

Dew shield ID thread

M 169 x 1,5-6H

Inter-pupillary Distance (IPD)

61mm - 75mm


Price $9499.00 By Special Order Only

*These binoculars require the Explore Scientific U-mount with tripod for large binoculars