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SpaceShop 42

Space Shop 42

Based in Armenia, SpaceShop 42 was founded by Vachik Khachatryan and Mher Khachatryan to support those who love astronomy and telescopes and are ready to spend sleepless and cold nights outside to enjoy and study the night sky.

Vachik Khachatryan joins Explore Scientific on the 105th Global Star Party 

Having practiced science in this field for many years, their love for the stars has turned into a profession and helped them become proficient in this work. This seemingly simple hobby has become an integral part of their lives as they have discovered and learned the skills of stargazing and telescopes. With the initiative of SpeceShop42, they want to share their accumulated experience with you, helping you take the first steps to explore the endless Universe.

SpeceShop 42 is a specialized online store for telescopes and astronomy experiences. In addition, here you can also find a number of other accessories: telescope accessories, laser pointers, books, as well as a number of items explaining the laws of physics. 

And the most important thing: Emphasizing the role of education in life, they write popular science blog posts about the Universe, physical phenomena and other interesting scientific topics. These articles are written in simple language and tend to move everyone's interest towards science and bring you even closer to the Universe.