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"Worlds" - 147th Global Star Party - Explore Alliance

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March 26th, 2024
Times are in Central Time and UTC
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David H. Levy

David H. Levy

Jarnac Observatory

"Commentary & Poetry"

6:00 PM 23:00 UTC
Astronomy Magazine's David J. Eicher

David Eicher

Astronomy Magazine

UGC 10214, the Tadpole Galaxy

6:15 PM 23:15 UTC
Dr. Daniel Peluso - SETI

Dr. Daniel Peluso


"Exoplanet Research with Unistelllar"

6:30 PM 23:30 UTC

Nicole Semião

As Observações de Nicolinha

Asteroid 10199 Charilko


6:45 PM 23:45 UTC

Michael Carroll

Space Artist

"Many Worlds of Planet Earth"

7:00 PM 00:00 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Karim Jaffer

Karim Jaffer

John Abbott College

Canadian ISS Mimic team

7:15 PM 00:15 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Cesar Brollo

Cesar Brollo

Optica Saracco

Southern Sky Balcony

7:30 PM 00:30 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Kelly Ricks

Kelly  Ricks

 Sky Interpreter and Artist

"Our Otherworldly Home"

7:45 PM 00:45 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Robert Reeves

Robert Reeves

Postcards from the Moon


8:00 PM 01:00 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Marcelo Souza

Marcelo Souza

Louis Cruls Astronomy Club

Sky's Up Magazine

8:15 PM 01:15 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Adrian Bradley

Adrian Bradley

"Chasing Dark Skies"

8:30 PM 01:30 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Jon Schwartz

Jon Schwartz

Drawing Out the Universe

9:00 PM 02:00 UTC

Sky's Up Global Astronomy Magazine