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The Astronomical Society of Kansas City dates back to the early 1920's. One of the societies first educational outreach took place on November 23,1924 at the Gordon Place Methodist church were about 200 people attended. The president at the time DR. E.G. Davis spoke on the topic "An Evening with the Stars."

The club was renamed in the 1930's to the Heart of America Amateur Astronomers and then again in the 1940's to Amateur Astronomers and Telescope Makers of Kansas City. During that time Stan Warkoczewski was the president. Warkoczewski began to the process of polishing a 16-inch mirror for his telescope and the club began producing many homemade telescopes. 

In 1952 the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory started a a satellite optical tracking program called the Moonwatch Project. Many of the clubs members followed the Moonwatch Project closely. Also during this time the club became know as the Astronomy Club of Kansas City.

In 1973 the club was named The Astronomical Society of Kansas City and they received a “Certificate of Amendment of a General Not For Profit Corporation” in the state of Missouri. During that time former president Stan Warkoczewski and his wife Helen donated their 16-inch homemade telescope to the University of Missouri-Kansas City. The telescope is still in use today and is named The Warkoczewski Observatory. 

The Astronomical Society of Kansas City (ASKC) has grown from a small group of armature astronomer to a group of nearly 400 members. Making them one of the largest astronomical societies in the country. Most of the members of the ASKC are amateur astronomers along with a few professional astronomers. The members have a widely diverse background and a combined interest in observing and discovering more about our universe. 



The ASKC hosts many public and private educational and observing events throughout the year.

Some of them are:


    Membership Includes

    • Extended access to one of the largest telescopes in the Midwest
    • Private dark sky site for observing and camping
    • Loaner telescopes
    • Members-only stargazing events and more. 


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