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Felix Schlang is the creator and producer of the very popular YouTube channel "What About It?". where he talks about current astronomy and space related topics. Felix currently reaches over 300,000 viewers on each of his videos that he posts twice a week. of people every day and has over 100,000 subscribers to his fast growing channel. 


Born in a remote region of Germany, Felix was always interested in space and astronomy. It's one of those places, where you can see the milky way with the naked eye. This way it was easy for Felix to come up with the first questions about space. Busy to answer these questions, he did extensive self-study of astronomy and rocket engineering and at the same time worked in the media business as a cutter and audio engineer. As a true family man with a smart wife and three children, Felix always explained the universe to his children and anyone willing to ask. At a certain point it just made sense to integrate these interests into one profession.

Felix's YouTube channel What about it!? was born. Now the most successful YouTube channel about space and astronomy in Germany, he travels the world to talk to all sorts of experts from scientists to Apollo era astronauts to explain to you, what the dawning second space race is about and why it makes sense to build giant stainless steel Starships on a remote field somewhere in Texas.

Felix's primary outreach tool is his YouTube channel where he provides information on space, astronomy, and science topics that are currently in the news. 

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