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La Serena, Chile
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Owner of North Optics Instruments, an important telescope store in Chile, has been dedicated to amateur astronomy and astrophotography for 25 years, since he was 15 years old.

Profession Engineer in Geodesy, currently he is dedicated to those whose passion, astronomy, astronomical observation and astrophotography. Through diffusion activities in schools, scientific diffusion organizations and amateur observatories in the IV Region of Coquimbo Chile, he gives his knowledge and experience to other people, youth and children to motivate them to discover and explore the skies.

He actively participates in the social networks of astronomy in Chile, advising people who already have experience in the use of telescopes and equipment, who seek to perform astrophotography and improve their equipment. In the same way, advice and guidance to people who wish to acquire their first telescope. He also advises telescopes and equipment at schools, universities and amateur observatories in Chile.


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