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Explore Alliance Presents - "How Do You KNOW" with Dr. Daniel Barth

Explore Alliance Presents "How Do You KNOW" Featuring Dr. Daniel Barth

Explore Scientific and the Explore Alliance is committed to bring you educational programs to broaden your horizons and enable you to deepen your knowledge and skills in personal exploration and discovery of your universe. These weekly episodes of 'How Do You KNOW?' by Dr. Daniel Barth, give educators, parents, and mentors, simple yet effective science demonstrations that you can conduct at very low cost to teach students of any age how the universe works. 

Dr. Daniel Barth left a career as a research scientist to teach; he has spent more than 30 years teaching astronomy, physics and chemistry at the high school and college level. A successful science fiction writer, Barth is the author of Maurice on the Moon, Doomed Colony of Mars and other works. He is currently Assistant Professor of STEM Education at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, and author of the Astronomy for Educators program.

Free digital downloads are available for each episode. 

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For questions or comments, Dr. Barth can be reached at astronomyforeducators @