40x-640x Smartphone National Geographic Microscope

In addition to revealing the cellular side of the world around, the National Geographic Zoom Microscope comes with a smartphone adapter that can help junior scientists document and share their microscopic discoveries. This compound microscope has a zoom eyepiece, a rotating turret of three objective lenses and a magnification range of 40x-640x. The included adapter allows the user to secure their smartphone to the device to capture the image in the eyepiece for later analysis. The microscope offers LED illumination and comes with slides and a full set of collection tools.

Features and accessories:
• 40-640x Microscope
• 4Smartphone adapter
• 4Adjustable LED illumination
• 4Height-adjustable stage with clips
• 4Battery-powered (2 AA batteries included)
• 4Prepared slides
• 4Blank slides with covers and labels
• 4Slide case
• 4Yeast
• 4Shrimp with hatchery
• Vials
• 4Tweezers
• 4Pipette
• 4Small handheld magnifier
• 4Measuring cup
• 4User manual

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