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Finding my Way to the Stars - Autobiography by Michael Weasner

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Signed by the Author for Delivery at the Arizona Dark Sky Star Party

The autobiography of Mike Weasner describes his journey through the Universe that began in southern Indiana.

His journey took many turns and jumps to other paths as though he were living different lives as he wondered about his role in our wonderful Universe. His family, friends, teachers, and bosses all played significant roles in defining Mike's future. Mike received a Bachelor of Science degree in Astrophysics from Indiana University, was a jet fighter pilot and fighter instructor pilot in the United States Air Force, manager on the Air Force Space Shuttle Program, and computer engineer and manager in multiple roles at a large aerospace company. But astronomy always remained at the center of his Universe.

"Mike Weasner's book is an object lesson of how one's life pathway can be successfully navigated. How a loving childhood with all the turbulence of living a normal, mid to late 20th into the 21st century, proceeds full circle revealing that the skills garnered along that path bring one to a successful culmination of living out one's passion into the stars.

This book should be in the toolbox of every guidance councillor and in the hands of those young and old that could use direction through life."

- Harold Locke

In this autobiography Mike provides a very personal story of his journey through the Universe. You will experience his lives and his loves of people, astronomy, music, flying, and teaching, along with life changing decisions, twists and turns, ups and downs, challenges, failures, and successes. Readers can use his autobiography as a guide to their own journey, regardless of whether they are just starting out on that journey, are trying to decide among the multiple paths their journey might take, or as justification that they did indeed take the right paths just like Mike.