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HoTech - SCA Laser Collimator - Crosshair for Newtonian Telescopes

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One of the very best laser collimators on the market for your Newtonian telescope is the SCA Laser Collimator with Crosshair from HOTECH!

No more guesswork during the final primary mirror collimation! The crosshair laser easily guides you for a precise final collimation. The extension crosshair helps you to center the returning laser when its center dot disappear into the laser exiting hole. The crosshair also makes centering the dot on the primary mirror donut an easy task during the secondary mirror collimation.

No more loose fitting laser collimators with the built-in Self-Centering Adapter! Hotech’s patented Self-Centering Adapter cleverly eliminates the slop problem by using expanding rubber rings. As the rings expand, each ring fills the focuser slop and center positions the laser collimator in the drawtube. The SCA mechanism accommodates most brands of focusers allowing repeatable installation for an accurate collimation.

The 1.25-inch SCA Laser Collimator positions the laser precisely in the exact optical path and aligns the pointing of the beam parallel to the optical axis. It is critical to keep the laser beam centered along the optical path for an accurate collimation, otherwise collimating with an off-axis laser beam will introduce distortion into the images coming from your telescope.

The 45¼ Faceplate Viewer w/ Laser Engraved Targeting Grid helps to display the returning laser with a clear visual reference during collimation adjustment. The faceplate allows you to align your primary mirror from the rear of the telescope eliminating traveling to the front of your scope repeatedly during collimation. HOTECH understands the importance of this, so the faceplate is a standard feature in our SCA Laser Collimator. In addition, the faceplate pattern is beautifully laser engraved for an excellent target view.

Keeping the laser dot to the finest point is the key to precision collimation. Hotech limits the laser beam to the finest size to operate in the correct distance for optimal visual effect. There is no guesswork involved like other laser collimators which is difficult to center a large projecting laser dot to the center of the faceplate. Our understanding and experiences of the laser design permit you to have an effective and precision laser collimator.

HOTECH engineers successfully cut the unnecessary weight on the laser collimator because they understand that additional weight on a telescope will create imbalance and structure sagging. The lightweight design on our SCA Laser Collimator makes you gain reliable precision collimation. And of course, the HOTECH laser collimator is CNC machined with the tightest tolerances. So nothing has been sacrificed while you get a stat-of-the-art laser collimation instrument.


Model Crosshair SCA Laser Collimator -SCA-1.25C
Focuser Size 1.25-inch
Laser Wavelength 650nm
Laser Output Power Class II, < 1mW
Operating Voltage 3V
Battery One 3V Lithium Battery (included)
Weight 3.4 oz. w/ battery
Dimension 1.2“/30mm dia. x 5”/127mm (L)
Construction All Areo-Space Grade Anodize Aluminum Case
Recommend Use Ideal for Newtonian Style Telescope


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